Welcome to my blog!

As the name suggests, I’m an inveterate collector of plants, especially unusual ones, and it’ll be a pleasure to share my joys (and hopefully not too many sorrows) with anyone who cares to look over my shoulder.

I have a small garden in the South of Hampshire. The soil is very stony clay, but it has been improved over the years (though I think it could do with some work again now).  It has a pH of 6.5,  just slightly acid.

I’ve got into alpines – mostly easy ones – in the last few years, so there’s a couple of sunny areas where I’ve added a lot of grit, and they’ve been fairly successful. Otherwise it’s mostly herbaceous, with a few shrubs, a huge Bramley apple tree (here when we arrived), a Gleditsia Ruby Lace, and an Amelanchier.

I’m a sucker for anything I’ve not heard of before, which is difficult without a couple of acres to play in, but I’ve also got a small nursery, which gives me the excuse to carry on buying all those irresistible plants!

I’ve also got an allotment, which somehow seems to survive, despite much neglect – deep shame:(! I have mostly fruit there at the moment, and usually grow runner beans, French beans, courgettes, chillis, garlic, cut flowers and whatever else I find time to plant!


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