A wander at Pennington

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we decided to go to Pennington Nature Reserve, in the South of Hampshire – about half an hour from home! It was such a glorious sunny October day, with hardly a breath of wind (& the wind is often biting down there!)

The cows weren’t bothered by the bogginess underfoot!

I DO love teasels, and believe me these are just a few of the pics I took! The goldfinches must be very happy when they find them- we did see some big flocks of them around!


There were so many swans around- too many to count- that it was impossible to resist the odd ‘reflective’ moment! (but I did regret not taking my SLR and tripod! These were all taken with iPhone!)

There were a lot of birds to be seen – time to start learning my ducks and waders again! I always forget them each year! My husband reckoned he saw 47 species (not that he was counting, of course!)

That was a large flock of godwits- black-tailed I think- with many more species mingling! There were some beautiful Lapwings to be seen too- really should have taken better camera!!

We walked as far as Kehaven, then returned by the inland path.

There were plenty of berries around for the birds- Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, a garden escapee Cotoneaster (franchettii?), and lots of blackberries still!

And the bees must be happy to see all the flowers on the gorse- what would they do without gorse?!



About plantaholicsgardendiary

I'm passionate about growing many different types of plants, from alpines to fruit and veg, and this has what has led me to start this diary. I also love to visit gardens and nurseries, and to travel (usually with a heavy emphasis on plants and nature in general) and I will no doubt add posts about these! And I'm coeliac, so I will eventually get around to sharing new recipes, good websites I've found, and exciting new products I've come across. I hope you find something of interest here!
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One Response to A wander at Pennington

  1. Beautiful pictures of autumn, you certainly still caught the mood with your telephone.

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