Early May 2012 – First Post!!

Well it’s taken me a long time to get around to my first post!

Early May and it’s still quite cold most of the time, but the cool temperatures and the rain have made the spring flowers last well this year. I always love the area under the Bramley Apple tree at this time of year – yes, I know you’re supposed to keep the soil bear under the fruit trees but would you really expect me to give up this wonderful area for shade planting?!! And we always get LOADS of cooking apples anyway!



This area goes a bit crazy at this time of year, with the ‘treasures’ fighting for space with the self-seeders! Primroses galore of course, and they’ve crossed with the oxlips and cowslips to produce these!


Anemone x lipsiensis

And Anemone x lipsiensis does really well just disappearing when it’s finally finished flowering (I dig up and pot some of the rhizomes as it dies away, otherwise I may forget exactly where it is!). It flowers for quite a while.

Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost is a great plant, with wonderful foliage, and forget-me-not like flowers of a rich deep blue. It also seeds around, producing plants with varying amounts of silvering on the leaves, to give a lovely blue haze at this time


Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost


Brunnera flowers

Dicentra Luxurient gives a nice splash of deep pink, and the foliage is beautiful too. If it’s not too dry, it’ll look good for a long time. Polygonatum multiflorum Variegatum increases gently and doesn’t mind doing battle with self-seeding Pulmonarias


Dicentra Luxurient


Polygonatum multiflorum Variegatum

There’s ferns unfurling, various geraniums popping up, and a variety of other perennials pushing through with great enthusiasm


Such a good fern – and I’ve lost its name!


Athyrium niponicum v pictum


Polystichum setiferum Divisilobum Gp.


Lamium orvala alba


Alchemilla erythropoda

Well, that’s a little taste of what’s going on in my garden at the moment – it feels quite self-indulgent, but I hope there’s something of interest here!

Next time I’ll show you some of my sunny areas -hope the sun’ll be shining too!


About plantaholicsgardendiary

I'm passionate about growing many different types of plants, from alpines to fruit and veg, and this has what has led me to start this diary. I also love to visit gardens and nurseries, and to travel (usually with a heavy emphasis on plants and nature in general) and I will no doubt add posts about these! And I'm coeliac, so I will eventually get around to sharing new recipes, good websites I've found, and exciting new products I've come across. I hope you find something of interest here!
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